Bonus Episode: Campaign swag, vodka and soda: The politics of products

The lines have snaked through parking lots, around buildings, and don the block. Texans (and Americans generally) are voting…possibly in numbers never before seen. But participation isn’t just limited to casting ballots. Millions of dollars have been wagered on this presidential contest. and show how much money is being wagered on this election and who bettors are picking. On top of that, companies are capitalizing on an engaged, politicized electorate—creating products with election or campaign branding for citizens who are willing to part with some Washingtons and even Benjamins to show their support for Trump or Biden. 




More Info (Election Vodka) **Must be 21 to enter** Jones Soda Co.$260m-staked-on-trump-vs-biden-as-us-election-becomes-most-wagered-on-event-in-betting-history

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