Concerts, COVID and Cold Ones

Will you need a ticket and a Covid status card for concerts? Before they could listen to the music recently, some Texas concertgoers first heard: What’s your vaccination status? With the Delta variant of the coronavirus still ravaging Texas, country music star Jason Isbell took the stage for a mid-August performance at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth in front of a crowd that---on his insistence—was comprised of people who could either show a Covid vaccination card or a recent negative test. The general manager of this institution at the Stockyards got an earful out of this concert…including from state regulators who reminded him that there’s actually a state law in Texas now that prohibits businesses from requiring proof of vaccination. Billy Bobs' Marty Travis walks the Jasons through a raucous week backstage, all of it touched off by what was just a one-night thing at this famed honkytonk. But really, this was just the beginning. Even if you aren’t a fan of Jason Isbell or vaccine requirements for entry, have a listen. Because like it has done with everything else, Covid is quickly and drastically altering admissions to live music events—as evidenced by the new requirements just announced for this year’s Austin City Limits music festival. 

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