Criminal Justice Reform. What does that really mean?

Hard to imagine that both political parties can find any common ground these days but reforming criminal justice reform is shared by Republicans and Democrats. Thirty years ago with rising crime across this state and the country, there was a general sense that offenders should be locked up and the key thrown away. Three strikes, you’re out. Remember that? Today, 30 years later, both parties are working to reform what is seen as a broken criminal justice system – from bail reform to offenders returning to society. Next week, Unlocking Doors, a Texas-based reentry program for ex-offenders, hosts its annual symposium with lawmakers, offenders, and criminal justice experts. On this episode, Christina Melton Crain from Unlocking Doors discusses her legislative wish list and filmmaker Cynthia Salzman Mondell speaks about a documentary she produced with 64-women inmates incarcerated at the Dallas County Jail. The film will be previewed in the virtual symposium. MORE:


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