Early Release: This became an economic pandemic long before it became a health pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is starting to change our daily lives in dramatic ways. The crisis is, of course, a health and humanitarian one first. But the economics of the outbreak could have a tremendous impact on governments, businesses, and many people. We get the perspective on Main Street from a Texas business owner who is missing out on his most profitable day of the year because of coronavirus preparations. We also talk to one of the most plugged-in economists in the country (who herself was a patient in the Swine Flu Pandemic) to get a comprehensive overview of what the Coronavirus pandemic is doing to the economy, what kind of job losses we can expect, what this will mean to Texas, and how involved the government is going to have to be to prop up individual Americans as this situation unfolds. Finally, we hear from a Texas state senator right after he finishes a call with the governor. He explains what’s being done to get protective supplies to health workers, what’s happening with testing, how Texas students will be able to learn (and in many cases eat) if school is cancelled, and what’s being talked about at the state level to offset the costs of the coronavirus response (hint: it could involve even higher property taxes).


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