First the pandemic. Now property appraisals. A big tax battle is about to begin.

No matter if you own a house or rent an apartment, when property taxes increase, so does your monthly payment. And if you’ve lived in Texas for a few minutes, property taxes almost ALWAYS increase in this state. But during a pandemic? Texans are getting valuations right now from Central Appraisal Districts that show their properties have gone way up in value over the last 12 months. Dallas County said significantly more properties increased in value than decreased. Harris County said it’s already seeing a 47-percent spike in protests – the highest percentage in three decades. Cities and counties are hurting for cash during the coronavirus. Federal aid for them is mired in party politics in D.C. So, who’s going to end up paying? There are ways to reduce what you owe. That’s what the Jasons dive into on this episode of Yallitics.


  1. Chandler Crouch
  2. KHOU Investigation
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