How the Supreme Court could Strike Down Texas Law and Still Limit Abortion

November 1 could mark a historic moment at the U.S. Supreme Court.  That’s when Texas goes to D.C. to defend its new abortion law and the ruling could change 50-years of legal precedent.  The Justices even took the rare step of fast-tracking two cases brought against the state’s near-total ban.  Abortion providers filed one. The U.S. Department of Justice filed the other.  So, in this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons call up Stephen Vladeck, a constitutional law expert at the University of Texas, to cut through the legalese.  Turns out, Vladeck explained, Justices could strike down the Texas law and still limit abortion rights.  It’s the first of several big cases this Supreme Court term.  And Vladeck says the country hasn’t seen this much constitutional tumult since the 1930s and there is a gravity to this moment which has no comparison.

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