How to lower your property appraisal (and hopefully your property taxes, too)

It’s “the season” again… that magical time of year when Texans walk to the mailbox with a mix of resentment and trepidation, take a deep breath, and then dare to look at their property appraisal. Even if you have no plans to move, the red-hot housing market in Texas may cause your appraisal (and later your property taxes) to rise significantly. But you don’t just have to accept what the appraisal district has written on that piece of paper. You can protest. And one of the foremost experts on how to do it tells the Jasons that you should protest your appraisal… every year.  Realtor Chandler Crouch has become a viral sensation for his “how-to” videos.  He even got the attention of Texas lawmakers who sought his expertise and recently invited him to testify in Austin about some ways to potentially fix the Texas property tax system.  He has also been helping thousands of property owners in Tarrant County contest their appraisals… for FREE.  


Chandler Crouch’s Protest Website:


Ben Lauer’s Protest Website: Dallas Tax Dispute: Ben Lauer Real Estate Group

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