Talking to the two ‘yahoos‘ suing over Texas‘ abortion law

There are two folks you have not heard from in all the news coverage of the state’s new abortion law; these are the two out-of-staters who are suing a San Antonio abortion doctor. So, the Jasons cracked open the White Pages, pulled out their long-distance calling card and got Oscar Stilley on the phone from Cedarville, Ark. and Felipe Gomez on the line from Chicago. Though, Gomez said, tongue-in-cheek, that it takes a couple ‘yahoos’ from other states to test the Texas law, both men have legal backgrounds and are coming to Texas courts with different motivations. To put these guys in context, the Jasons also called a law professor at South Texas College of Law who explains why SB8, as Texas’ abortion law is known, is almost a sideshow to what’s happening in Mississippi.

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