The Lincoln Project: Gov. Abbott more Dangerous than Trump

The Lincoln Project is going after Governor Greg Abbott.  This is the group of former Republicans well known for blistering attacks on President Donald Trump and later, Senator Ted Cruz.  And this latest battle is already getting juicy.  The Lincoln Project released a new attack ad called “Abbott’s Wall,” criticizing his handling of the pandemic by highlighting how many Texans have died of COVID-19.  The organization says the ad was scheduled to air during the Texas Longhorns game Saturday night, but was pulled at the last minute.  And it is now openly questioning whether Governor Abbott used his influence to have the ad yanked from the air.  In this episode of Y’all-itics, co-founder Rick Wilson tells the Jasons why he thinks Gov. Abbott is now more dangerous than former President Trump, how the state’s new abortion bounty system could spectacularly backfire on Republicans and why the organization will continue attacking the Governor moving forward.

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