The Masked Resistance Fights Back in Texas

The resistance is underway in Texas and growing by the day.  And more cities, counties and school districts are expected to challenge the Governor’s ban on mask mandates in the coming days.  For many parents who’ve already sent their kids back to school – or are about to – the issue is one of life-or-death.  In this emergency episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons are joined by two Superintendents who find themselves squarely in the middle of this debate.  Dr. Stephanie Elizalde leads the Austin ISD, which started mandating masks today in defiance of Governor Greg Abbott.  Within hours of that decision, hundreds of parents re-enrolled their kids for in-person learning when students return Tuesday, August 17.  And Dr. Elizalde walks you through the thought process and the reaction.  The Jasons are also joined by Dr. Brian Woods the Northside ISD Superintendent in San Antonio.  They have yet to make a decision on mask requirements there, but they don’t start school until Monday, August 23.  For both Superintendents, the issue boils down to local control and having the ability to make the best decisions for their individual communities.  And both fully recognize local control was once religion to the GOP, but that these days Republican leadership is telling them what they can and can’t do from Austin.


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Dr. Stephanie Elizalde, Austin ISD Superintendent

Dr. Brian Woods, Northside ISD Superintendent

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