This Is What We’re Headed For. Period.

You don’t have to live near the Texas coast to soon start seeing the effects of climate change. The next decade or two mean more flooded parking lots, water in roads, and beach erosion from sea level rise. The ocean has already risen two feet in Galveston since 1900. But there’s another problem unique to this state. Texas is also sinking. All the oil and gas we have pulled out of the ground for the last century is now causing subsidence. That means Texas will see a double whammy from climate change. What is Texas doing to address it? Turns out, not much. David Schechter, reporter for WFAA in Dallas, is one of the few Texas television reporters to consistently document the changing climate in our state. Last year, David won the duPont-Columbia Award, the broadcast equivalent of Pulitzer Prize, for his reporting on climate change. On this week’s episode, we pour David a pint and listen to him explain what’s at stake right now for Texas, why being the leader in wind and solar energy isn’t enough. The U.N. Secretary General even had something to say to David about Texas ignoring the warning signs. Forget political talking points. The science is clear. As David put it, this is what we’re headed for. Period.



With world leaders gathering to find solutions for climate change, what does it mean for Texas?

Texans face greater risk of heat, drought and hurricanes, but Abbott administration has no plan to tackle future threats of climate change

The sea is rising faster than any time in the last 3,000 years, experts say | Climate Crossroads

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