We’re Out of Houses in Texas

It is a seller’s market on steroids right now in Texas.  Healthy housing inventory is typically six months.  But some cities in Texas are down to days.  If you’re a seller, you’re likely receiving multiple offers, some significantly above asking.  If you’re a buyer, good luck.  It could take you a while.  Some buyers are even resorting to entering contracts without a guaranteed final sales price.  And at the end of the day, all homeowners in Texas will pay for the housing frenzy through higher property taxes.  In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons discuss tips for buyers and sellers.  And the experts tell them to buckle up, because we’re not living in a bubble.  They say there is no end in sight.  And if that wasn’t enough, learn how the big, stuck boat in Egypt is likely to impact Texas real estate, even though it’s now free.



Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team


Anne Lakusta - Designated Broker - GO Management Real Estate

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